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20 Years of Beauty and Perfection

At Skin Matters, we strive to provide the best ethical and professional medical aesthetic advice and treatment. Simply, we offer the same advice to our patients as we do to our friends and families. With this strict guideline in mind, we offer a carefully selected variety of safe and effective treatment options that we deem appropriate for our patients.


Hair & Acne

The most important goal in acne treatment is prevention. If new acnes can be prevented, there is lower risk of scar formation...


Dr. Cheng has been administering Botox for aesthetic purposes since 1993. We developed our unique approach to Botox which offers our patients natural results.


We provide our patients with the most comfortable and effective experience. Our commitment to using state-of-the-art technology helps us to meet this goal


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Dr. Cheng & Skin Matters

In keeping with Skin Matters philosophy, our clinic is staffed with a friendly and very capable team. Our staff are university graduates with science backgrounds. Intentionally we keep our clinic environment to be of a medical professional nature. As reflected in the design of our website, we keep to scientific or informational formats without any glitz or fancy online marketing, coupons, promotions or incentives.

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Dr. Liew

Dr. Liew has been practicing medicine for decades and has extensive experience in the field of medical aesthetics. He strives for excellence and never stops delving into the latest beauty technology in the industry. 
Dr. Liew is an expert in botox facial injections and application of botox bodies. He uses precise, meticulous, and gentle techniques to fill and reshape the facial features. He is spectacular at injecting lips, nose and tear through. He makes it look truly beautiful and natural.

Many of Dr. Liu's patients have followed him for more than a decade. They are full of praise for his professional knowledge and skill.

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Dr. Li

When it comes to injections, you must not only see the current defects, but also consider how the injection treatment will affect the nearby facial structures and skin tissues.

For example, to improve forehead wrinkles. We must first distinguish whether the wrinkles are sunken or caused by over- developed muscles. Forehead muscles and eye muscles should also be considered during the treatment.
Dr. Li will make an accurate analysis of the overall facial structure from a professional perspective then customize the most suitable treatment plan for all her clients. 
Dr. Li graduated from Cornell University and received a doctorate of medicine from UBC. She is good at pursuing the most natural effect from a female perspective. Softening and shaping the beauty for her patients is her expertise.

We aim to provide our patients with the most comfortable and effective treatment experience possible


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