Enlighten in Vancouver

        Enlighten is our most effective solution for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and enlarged pores.

        What Is Enlighten®?

        Enlighten Lasers use patented heat and vibrational technology to effectively remove age spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, tattoos, and acne scars, along with rejuvenating the skin. Enlighten works on all skin types and pigments, boasting a quick, effective procedure with little to no downtime.

        At Skin Matters in Vancouver, Enlighten is our most effective solution for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and enlarged pores.

        How Does Enlighten Work?

        The Enlighten Laser treats different areas on the skin by targeting them with different types of wavelengths and pulse durations. More prominent hyperpigmentation spots respond effectively to longer pulse durations. Meanwhile, smaller treatment concerns like freckles and scarring respond better to shorter pulse durations. 

        This treatment breaks down pigment particles into small pieces using acoustic energy. The skin sheds off the undesired pigmentation in a few days, and you get to enjoy rejuvenated, evenly pigmented skin in less than a week.

        The Enlighten Laser generates heat quicker than most other lasers, increasing effectiveness and decreasing the number of treatments required for optimal results. 

        The targeted pigment, whether from age spots or tattoos, is shattered and shedded within a few days. In less than 3 sessions, you can reduce the look of acne scars, skin texture issues, and enlarged pores with Enlighten. 

        Which Areas Can Be Treated with Enlighten?

        The Enlighten Laser is highly effective in treating a variety of skin issues, such as facial and body concerns, chronic skin conditions, and unwanted tattoos. 

        Face. The Enlighten Laser effectively treats skin concerns commonly seen on the face, such as age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, if you have concerns like uneven skin tone, the laser energy can even out skin pigmentation and absorb dark or reddish pigments.

        Body. The Enlighten Laser effectively treats all the above conditions on the body, along with deep-set hyperpigmentation, and unwanted tattoos anywhere on the body. 

        How Much Does an Enlighten Laser Treatment Cost?

        The cost of an Enlighten Laser treatment depends upon many variables, including the number of treatments required, areas of focus on the body, and if you are considering pairing it with other procedures to optimize your results. 

        Book a consultation with the Skin Matters team today to find out how much your Enlighten Laser treatment will cost.

        How Long Does It Take to Recover from Enlighten?

        When your skin completes flaking after 5-10 days, you will begin to see results. After 4 weeks, you will enjoy full results and the ability to continue applying makeup and going out in the sun. 

        However, you can return to work a few days after your Enlighten Laser Treatment and go about your daily life.

        How Long Do Enlighten Results Last?

        Enlighten results vary depending on the concern that is treated, along with the area it is treated in. Discuss with the Skin Matters team what your concerns are, how many sessions you may require, and how long your results will last after your final treatment.

        Enlighten at a Glance:


        Procedure Length
        30 minutes
        Recovery Time
        Minimal downtime
        Varies depending on treatment
        Laser Treatment
        Pain Level

        Why Choose Skin Matters for Enlighten?

        Skin Matters has one of Vancouver's most experienced teams and has been performing Enlighten treatments for over a decade. The Skin Matters team can evaluate and understand your skin and desired results to provide you with the most effective Enlighten laser experience.

        How Is an Enlighten Laser Treatment Performed?

        Before your Enlighten Laser Treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. Then, the laser handpiece will pass over the area(s) of concern until the entire treatment area has absorbed the laser light.

        Pain will be minimal, as the sensation of the laser is similar to a slight pinch. Polysporin or a similar ointment will be applied to the treatment area when you are done to promote healing.

        Combining Enlighten with Other Treatments

        Once you have targeting pigmentation concerns on your skin, you should rejuvenate it once again with an anti-aging treatment like Morpheus8 or dermal fillers.

        Morpheus8 is a skin treatment that promotes collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin by applying radiofrequency energy to areas of your face and body that are more prone to signs of aging. Rebuild lost collagen in your face and certain areas of the body with Morpheus8, boasting minimal invasiveness and no downtime.

        If you have smaller areas of concern you would like to target; dermal fillers can restore lost volume in areas of the face with fine lines, sunken skin, thin lips, or sagging tissue via a small, non-surgical needle. These treatment options paired with Enlighten Laser will provide youthful, rejuvenated skin and newfound confidence!

        Treatment Benefits of Enlighten

        Some benefits of receiving an Enlighten Laser Treatment include:

        • Removal of stubborn age spots, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, tattoos, acne scars, and freckles

        • Quick procedure with little to no pain involved

        • Recovery takes less than a week

        • Decreased risk of scarring due to the speed at which the laser energy is administered

        • Issues can be eliminated in as little as one treatment

        • Completely non-invasive, meaning no scalpels, incisions, or anesthesia is required

        • Safe and effective on all skin types and tones

        Treatment Risks of Enlighten

        Some risks of receiving an Enlighten Laser Treatment include:

        • Mild risk of scarring

        • Mild pain felt during the procedure.

        • Flaking skin during recovery to shed unwanted pigmentation from your skin naturally

        • Redness 

        Are You a Candidate for Enlighten?

        You are a candidate for an Enlighten Laser Treatment if:

        • You feel self-conscious about your skin due to hyperpigmentation issues

        • You want a fast, effective treatment with minimal downtime and no surgery to address these issues

        • You want to get rid of unwanted pigment while brightening your skin and evening out your skin tone 

        • You have realistic expectations of the results you will achieve

        How to Prepare for an Enlighten Treatment

        To prepare for an Enlighten Treatment, you should:

        • Disclose any medication you use with the Skin Matters team.

        • Obtain aftercare instructions during your Skin Matters consultation so you are prepared for a speedy, successful recovery.

        • Avoid exfoliating any areas of the skin 1 week before your appointment.

        • Refrain from using retinols or chemical exfoliants for a few days before your treatment to let your skin detox and be completely clean going into your session.

        • Stay out of the sun as much as possible before your treatment, and always wear sunscreen.

        • Stay hydrated, especially on the day of your Enlighten treatment.

        Aftercare for an Enlighten Treatment

        When you arrive home, you will follow the home care regimen to work against the skin discoloration provided by the Skin Matters team. Your follow-up treatment plan and aftercare instructions will be discussed in-depth during your Skin Matters consultation and after your procedure, as everyone’s recovery time and needs are different.

        Enlighten Recovery Timeline

        • 1-2 days after your treatment, your skin will begin to flake and peel, lasting 5-10 days. You will have to apply a depigmentation cream twice a day for 4 weeks, which will be prescribed by the Skin Matters team.

        • For one month after your treatment, avoid direct sun exposure for prolonged periods so you do not irritate your skin or cause scarring.

        • You will want to revisit the Skin Matters clinic after week 4 if you need to retouch dark spots, and your skin maintenance regimen will continue for 4-6 months before your next Enlighten session - if you require one.

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