EXO|E Exosomes Treatment in Vancouver


        What are EXO|E Exosomes™?

        Exosomes are small, bubble-like structures that cells release. They are made up of lipids (fats) and proteins and are smaller than a cell. Exosomes act as messengers, carrying important information between cells to improve skin function.

        How do EXO|E Exosomes™ Work?

        Our newest product from EXO|E Exosomes™ harnesses these plant-derived messaging structures and directs them to improve cell functions such as anti-inflammation, wound healing, and cell-turnover. This product is best paired with treatments such as DP4™ Micro-needling pen, Morpheus 8™, or Enlighten™ Laser.

        What is the Process for EXO|E Exosomes™?
        • Pre-treatment: A 5-day at-home serum works to help condition and prepare the skin for treatment to receive optimal results and reduce downtime.
        • In-clinic treatment: A concentrated serum is applied to the skin pre & post treatment.
        • Post-treatment: A 5-day at-home serum is applied to repair the skin to optimal function.
        What do EXO|E Exosomes™ Treat?
        • Signs of aging
        • Loss of elastin
        • Loss of collagen 
        • Inflammation
        • Hyperpigmentation


        EXO|E Exosomes™ at a Glance:


        Procedure Length
        Depending on which treatment EXO|E Exosomes™ is paired with, treatment time can be 30-60 minutes
        Recovery Time
        Minimal to no downtime
        Indefinite after 1 treatment
        Results can be seen within a few days, most noticeable after 4-6 weeks