Vancouver Under-Eye Filler Treatment

        Under eye filler treatment—a minimally invasive procedure available at Skin Matters in Vancouver—offers immediate, natural-looking results.

        What Is Under-Eye Rejuvenation?

        Under eye rejuvenation provides an effective solution for under eye conditions such as tear troughs, eye bags, dark circles, under eye hollows, sunken eyes, and tired eyes. This injectable cosmetic treatment rejuvenates your appearance by restoring volume using a potent and effective ingredient called hyaluronic acid.

        How Much Does Under-Eye Filler Cost?

        You'll need only a minimal amount of under eye filler to achieve the cosmetic results you desire. If you are considering under eye filler in Vancouver, contact our team at Skin Matters so we can give you an accurate quote.

        How Do Under Eye-Fillers Work?

        Under eye fillers work by injecting hyaluronic acid into the under eye area. This ingredient—used widely throughout the cosmetic industry—diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by restoring volume. Dermal fillers under eyes are increasingly popular for those who want to address various signs of aging, such as dark circles, under eye hollows, and tear troughs.

        How Long Do Fillers Last Under Eyes?

        Eye bag fillers can last up to 16 months. One of the most significant benefits of dermal fillers is their ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, restoring volume and promoting a natural and sustained improvement in skin texture and elasticity.

        Under Eye Filler Treatment at a Glance:


        Procedure Length
        Approximately 30 minutes
        Recovery Time
        Minimal: Most patients resume their daily routine immediately after the injections
        Temporary - Lasts 1 year or more
        Injections of dermal filler
        Pain Level
        Numbing medication used

        Why Choose Skin Matters for Under-Eye Fillers?

        Skin Matters offers safe and effective cosmetic treatments in our warm and welcoming environment. If you're looking for dermal fillers in Vancouver, trust our friendly and knowledgeable doctors who bring decades of clinical medicine experience to medical aesthetics.

        Vancouver's Under-Eye Filler Experts

        Our doctors at Skin Matters are proud to be Vancouver's trusted under eye filler experts. Dr. Charles Cheng, Dr. Kim Liew, M.D., and Dr. Collin Yong, M.D. take pride in helping patients achieve the most desirable aesthetic outcomes and stay current on technological aesthetics advancements.

        How Is Under-Eye Rejuvenation from Skin Matters Performed?

        Under eye rejuvenation at Skin Matters is performed in the comfort of our clinic. Your medical aesthetician will apply a topical numbing agent, deliver the injection, and provide clear aftercare instructions.

        Benefits of Under-Eye Fillers

        There are many benefits of under eye injections in Vancouver, with the top benefit being immediate results. Other benefits include: 

        • More youthful appearance
        • Brighter and plumper under eye area
        • Visible reduction of under eye issues, including eye bags, dark circles, under eye hollows, sunken eyes, and tired eyes
        • Evident decrease of fine lines and wrinkles
        • Long-lasting results (approximately 12-16 months)

        Risks and Side Effects of Under-Eye Fillers

        As with any cosmetic injectable, there are risks involved with under eye rejuvenation. These are among the most common: 

        • Bruising
        • Swelling
        • Injection site redness
        • In extremely rare cases, under eye filler can cause infection, vision loss, or blindness. Injectors who are not properly trained, do not use sterile tools, or inject ingredients that are not approved for use in dermal fillers can put you at risk of serious complications. For this reason, under eye filler injectables should be performed by a licensed medical professional with extensive experience in the use of injectables.

        Our team of esteemed doctors at Skin Matters will always put your health and safety at the forefront of our practice. 

        Are You a Candidate for Under-Eye Fillers?

        You may be a candidate for under eye fillers in Vancouver if you have eye bags, dark circles, under eye hollows, sunken eyes, or tired eyes.

        How to Prepare for Your Under-Eye Filler Treatment at Skin Matters

        You can prepare for under eye fillers in Vancouver by following our pre-procedure instructions closely. Those will include: 

        • Stop taking blood-thinning medications at least seven days before your procedure.
        • Avoid alcohol in the days leading up to the injections. 
        • During your consultation, speak to your doctor about previous dermal fillers under eyes you've received, medications you're taking, and allergies you have.
        • Ask questions prior to the procedure so you feel at ease.

        Aftercare & Recovery for Under-Eye Filler Treatment

        Once your under eye filler treatment has concluded, our skincare experts will provide detailed aftercare instructions. Please follow these instructions carefully. In the first 24 hours after your under eye rejuvenation, we will kindly ask that you: 

        • Refrain from using makeup on or near your eyes.
        • Keep your head elevated, especially at night while you are sleeping.
        • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine.
        • Avoid strenuous activities.
        • Avoid touching or rubbing the injection site area.
        • Do not wear eyeglasses or sunglasses.

        If you have any questions about aftercare and recovery, please get in touch with Skin Matters so we can promptly answer them.

        Under-Eye Filler FAQs

        Can you see results from under-eye fillers immediately?

        Yes! You'll notice that you look brighter-eyed and refreshed. It may, however, take up to two weeks to see the full effects of your under eye fillers.

        Are under-eye fillers permanent? 

        Under eye fillers are not permanent. On average, they last between 12 to 16 months, but results vary from patient to patient. When the results of your under eye filler injections wear off, you are welcome to return to Skin Matters for more!

        Is under-eye filler obvious?

        Under eye filler is not obvious when this procedure is performed by a licensed medical provider well-versed in cosmetic injectables. Our medical aestheticians can make dermal fillers look natural by using the precise amount of filler; by administering the filler in the most ideal locations; by using a slow and controlled injection technique; and by gently massaging the area post-injection.

        Are under-eye fillers as good as blepharoplasty?

        Under eye fillers and blepharoplasty aim to improve the appearance of your under eye area. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess skin and fat from your eyelids. Unlike blepharoplasty, under eye fillers are a non-surgical procedure. Under eye fillers are less expensive and have fewer potential risks and side effects, making them ideal for those with mild to moderate under eye issues.

        Is under-eye filler painful?

        Under eye filler is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, and a topical numbing agent is applied beforehand. For these reasons, most people do not find this procedure painful. 

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