Scar Treatment & Acne Scar Removal in Vancouver

        If you want to reduce the redness and texture of scars, stretch marks, and dimpling, scar treatments may be a great solution. These treatments can also reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and acne scars to rejuvenate your skin at our Vancouver clinic.

        What are Scars?

        Scars are marks on the skin left after a wound, injury, or after acne has healed. Scars can be caused by various types of damage to the skin and can present in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the individual.

        What Treatments are Available for Scars?

        Morpheus 8
        The Morpheus8 treatment uses silicone-coated needles to go beneath the skin and deliver a pulse of radiofrequency energy that tightens loose tissue, rejuvenates skin, and increases skin elasticity.  This treatment can help improve the appearance of concerns such as hyperpigmentation from acne scars. 
        Microneedling with DP4™ Pen
        The DP4™ Microneedling Pen glides over the skin, creating millions of fine, vertical channels faster than other micro-needling pens. These channels can carry more topical nutrients deeper into the skin. The micro-injuries trigger a natural process of repair, increasing the production of collagen and elastin and visibly improving a wide range of skin concerns. It is the only device in the world that can treat scars by safely achieving a 3mm depth into the skin.
        Enlighten Laser
        The Enlighten Laser Treatment is one of the most effective solutions for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and more using Pico Genesis + Pico GenesisFX laser technology to safely and effectively shatter the pigment. 

        Why Choose Skin Matters for Scar Treatment?

        The talented doctors on the Skin Matters team bring with them decades of experience in medical aesthetics, with 55+ years of combined expertise in clinical medicine and scar reduction treatments. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after your scar treatment.

        Vancouver’s Scar Removal Specialists

        The scar removal specialists at the Skin Matters Vancouver clinic are composed of the talented Dr. Charles Cheng, Dr. Kim Liew, and Dr. Collin Yong. Dr. Cheng founded Skin Matters 30 years ago, bringing extensive experience with skin rejuvenation and the latest technologies. Dr. Liew and Dr. Yong joined to provide even further expertise in providing glowing results, reducing the appearance of your scars and evening out your skin tone. 

        What Causes Scars?

        Scars normally form as a result of the body’s natural healing response after the tissue is damaged. When the skin is wounded for any reason, tissues break and cause collagen to be released. The more collagen that is released, the quicker the wound heals. You can receive scars from various injuries, picking at skin, prolonged sun exposure, and even acne. 

        Types of Scars

        Some common types of scars include: 

        • Atrophic. Appears as an indent below the top layer of skin tissue, often as a result of acne or chicken pox. Atrophic scars are not treatable at Skin Matters.
        • Hypertrophic. Appears as a thick, raised scar in an attempt to heal wounds caused by skin trauma, burns, or surgical incisions.
        • Keloid. Appears as the commonly raised scar that shows once a wound has healed.
        • Surgical. After a surgical procedure, it can appear as a hypertrophic scar that turns into a keloid scar but is usually hidden in a discreet place to determine less visibility. Surgical scars are not treatable at Skin Matters
        • Acne. Appears as either an indent on the surface of the skin or a raised lesion on the skin, depending on how much harm was caused and how much bacteria was introduced.

        Scar Treatment Options

        Skin Matters offers several effective treatment options to eliminate surface-level scars and scars of light to moderate depth, including acne scars. These treatments are DP4 Microneedling, Enlighten Laser Treatment and Morpheus8. 

        Scar Removal FAQs

        What is the best treatment for scars?

        The best treatment for scars depends on the type of scar you want to treat, the severity of your concerns, and the type of treatment you want to pursue. 

        How much does scar removal treatment cost?

        It is best to contact the Skin Matters team to get an accurate idea of how much your scar removal treatment will cost. The cost of your treatment depends on various factors, including the number of scars you’re treating, the severity of the scars, and how many treatments you require.

        Can laser treatments get rid of an acne scar?

        Laser treatments are a great option to reduce the appearance of certain types of scars, primarily darker hyperpigmented acne scars. 

        Can laser treatments get rid of an acne scar?

        The amount of sessions you require to reduce the appearance of your acne scars entirely depends on the severity of your concerns and the treatment you choose. Book a consultation with the Skin Matters team to learn more today. 

        Is an acne scar treatment painful?

        Depending on the Doctor recommended treatment plan, there may be minimal to moderate pain levels experienced. Our team of highly skilled medical professionals are trained in pain management and will ensure you received the highest levels of care and comfort. 

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