Ultherapy® Treatment in Vancouver

        The Skin Matters clinic in Vancouver provides Ultherapy® treatments to improve the look of skin firmness and give you a youthful appearance.

        What is Ultherapy?

        This non-invasive anti-aging treatment is designed to improve the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and skin laxity. The procedure utilizes advanced ultrasound energy technology to stimulate collagen production, resulting in lifted and tightened skin. Ultherapy is considered the gold standard in non-invasive skin tightening treatments and is approved by Health Canada.

        How Does It Work?

        The treatment begins by applying a special gel to the targeted area. The ultrasound device then moves over the areas at different depths, targeting various signs of aging. This process delivers energy beneath the skin’s surface to promote collagen production and renewal, helping the skin gradually regain a -more lifted and firm appearance.

        Which Areas Can Be Treated?

        This procedure can treat key areas of the face, such as the brow, cheeks, below the chin, and neck—common areas where signs of aging appear.

        How Much Does Ultherapy Cost?

        The cost depends on the severity of your concerns, your treatment plan, and the areas you want to address. You will learn about the cost during your consultation at Skin Matters.

        How Long Does It Take to Recover?

        Ultherapy requires no downtime, so you can return to normal activities right after leaving the Skin Matters clinic. You will see full results within a few days.

        How Long Do Results Last?

        Results can last for months to years, depending on how well you follow aftercare instructions and take care of your skin. Optimal results appear around the 3-month mark when your body produces the most collagen. Annual maintenance treatments are suggested for optimal results.

        Am I a Candidate?

        If you have mild, loose skin and want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment is a great option. Do not proceed if your skin is extremely sun-damaged or has extensive sagging; a deeper treatment may be required.

        Treatment at a Glance:


        Procedure Length
        1-2 hours, depending on the area of treatment
        Recovery Time
        3-5 days
        Recommend to repeat every 6 - 8 months
        Ultrasound Technology
        Pain Level
        Mild to medium
        Results can be seen within 2 - 6 months

        Why Choose Skin Matters?

        Skin Matters provides the best medical aesthetic advice and treatments in a welcoming clinic setting. We aim to provide an effective, customized treatment that gives you beautiful results - leaving you looking and feeling your best.

        Vancouver’s Experts

        Our talented doctors bring a combined 55+ years of experience in medical aesthetics, with decades of expertise in clinical medicine and these treatments. Contact us today to book your consultation and create a customized plan to have your skin looking youthful, firm, and rejuvenated.


        Some benefits include:
        • Non-invasive.
        • No downtime.
        • Entirely customizable, meaning you can choose which areas and concerns you target.
        • Natural-looking results after your treatment.
        • Long-term results, lasting up to two years.

        Risks and Side Effects

        There are very few risks associated with these treatments as they are non-invasive, but you should watch out for:

        • Nerve damage
        • Muscle weakness
        • Numbness
        • Pain.

        How to Prepare

        This is a very low-maintenance treatment - you don’t have to do much prep work or aftercare! You can maintain your regular diet and exercise routine until your procedure. It is recommended that you:

        • Remove all makeup/skincare products from the treatment area.
        • Take pain-reducing medication if necessary (under the supervision of the Skin Matters doctor).
        • Plan to be driven home if necessary.

        Aftercare & Recovery

        While this procedure boasts little to no downtime, you can resume your regular activities immediately following your procedure. However, you will have to be patient to see the first results and can optimize your results by:

        • Avoiding prolonged sun exposure for the first few days.
        • Avoiding smoking for the first week.
        • Maintaining a moisturizing skincare regimen.
        • Staying hydrated.
        • Avoiding harsh exfoliants and makeup for the first few days.

        Difference from Other Skin Tightening Treatments

        Morpheus8 vs.Ultherapy

        Morpheus8 combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to achieve skin tightening. This method targets the skin's surface and deeper layers for comprehensive rejuvenation. Learn more.

        Thermage vs. Ultherapy

        Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production. It is effective for tightening and smoothing the skin with a single treatment. Learn more.

        Hifu vs. Ultherapy

        Hifu (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) delivers ultrasound energy to deeper layers of the skin compared to Ultherapy. It provides an alternative method for lifting and tightening without affecting the surface. 

        Ultherapy FAQs

        Can You See the Results After One Session?

        You will see optimal collagen production around the 2-3 month mark.

        How Often Should You Do Maintenance Sessions?

        Skin Matters recommends attending maintenance sessions every 6-8 months to optimize your results and have them last a long time.

        Is It Painful?

        Each patients experience is different, and cannot be guaranteed. Skin Matters clinical team will ensure your treatment is a tolerable and comfortable as possible.

        Can It Cause Nerve Damage?

        In very rare cases, this can occur. It is extremely unlikely that you will experience nerve damage from your treatment - especially when you’re in the hands of the skilled Skin Matters team.

        How Long Will the Treatment Take?

        Your treatment will take 1-2 hours, depending on the the size of the treatment area.

        Is There Any Downtime Associated?

        No, taking precautionary measures following your treatment is only recommended, but you can return to regular activities immediately.

        Can You Do This Treatment After Fillers?

        You can combine treatments or participate in consecutive treatments at the Skin Matters clinic. This is something to discuss during your consultation, so a customized treatment plan can be created to address your unique concerns. Typically, we recommend Ultherapy first, followed by fillers.

        Does Ultherapy Melt Fat?

        No, this treatment does not melt fat. It is used to lift sagging skin and reduce signs of aging.

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