Vancouver Lip Filler Treatment

        Get beautifully plump lips from our award-winning doctors with filler injections in Vancouver, Canada.

        What Is Lip Enhancement?

        Lip enhancement is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses injectable dermal fillers to increase lip fullness and volume. Dermal fillers add shape and definition to the lips and mouth area. Lip fillers can enhance lip shape and structure, reduce fine lines around the mouth, and boost lip volume that has decreased with age.

        Many dermal filler products are made from hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body.

        How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

        On average, a lip filler in Vancouver costs $500-900 per syringe. Most people need 1-2 syringes to achieve desired results. With specials and membership plans, you may be eligible for a discounted price. Your custom quote depends on various factors, such as areas you want to treat and how much volume you want to add. The complexity of your case will also affect the overall cost. 

        The best way to get an estimate is to book a free consultation to discuss your treatment options.

        How Do Lip Injections Work?

        During a lip filler treatment, your provider will use a fine needle to inject a dermal filler product just under your skin. The filler adds volume, reshapes, and defines the lips.

        Lip enhancement usually takes less than 30 minutes. Most dermal fillers contain a numbing agent called lidocaine to maximize comfort. You may feel a slight pinching sensation.

        Results are visible right away. Your luscious lips may be swollen for a few days after the injections. The product will settle over the next 2-4 weeks for the most natural look.

        How Long Do Lip Filler Results Last?

        With high-quality hyaluronic acid lip fillers, results typically last 6-12 months. The product gradually breaks down and gets absorbed by your body. Maintenance injections can maintain your desired lip fullness long-term.

        Lip Filler Treatment at a Glance:


        Procedure Length
        Less than 30 minutes
        Recovery Time
        0-2 days
        Temporary - Lasts 6-12 months
        Injections of dermal filler
        Pain Level
        None to Mild
        Immediate - Continues to improve over weeks
        Numbing medication used

        Why Choose Skin Matters for Lip Injections?

        Safety and expertise are most important when choosing a lip filler provider in Vancouver. Skin Matters Clinic has served Vancouver for over 30 years. We use only Health Canada-approved dermal filler products. Our team creates customized treatment plans for natural-looking results that enhance your beauty. We put your safety first - our skilled physicians perform your treatment in a safe, welcoming medical environment.


        Vancouver's Lip Filler Experts

        Our team is led by acclaimed professionals

        • Dr. Charles Cheng, M.D. - Triple Diamond Level Cosmetic Physician
        • Dr. Kim Liew, M.D. - Botox Expert and Cosmetic Physician
        • Dr. Collin Yong, M.D. - Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC and Surgeon

        Drs. Cheng, Liew, and Yong have specialized training in cosmetic injectable treatments and over 55 years of combined experience. Collectively, they have performed thousands of lip enhancement procedures. Their specialty is creating customized plans tailored to complement each patient's unique facial structure. 

        The focus is beautiful, subtle results that help you look refreshed and radiant. Patients praise them for their artistic eye and passion for enhancing natural beauty.

        How Are Lip Injections from Skin Matters Performed?

        Your lip filler journey begins with a one-on-one consultation. You'll discuss your aesthetic goals and desired outcomes. Your doctor can show you before and after photos so you'll have realistic expectations.

        Next, your treatment area will be cleaned and numbed with a topical anesthetic. Then, your doctor will use a thin needle to inject small amounts of filler precisely into the lips and mouth area.

        Many patients describe the sensation as a pinching pressure. This typically goes away once the anesthetic kicks in. The procedure takes 15-30 minutes, depending on how much filler is needed.

        After your injection, you'll be given aftercare instructions for recovery. This includes how to reduce swelling and bruising. Most patients feel comfortable enough to return to normal activities right after treatment.

        Benefits of Lip Fillers

        Lip filler offers many benefits for those seeking an enhanced lip shape and profile:

        • Non-Surgical - No incisions or downtime required
        • Immediate Results - Improvement visible right away
        • Walk-In/Walk-Out Procedure - Takes less than 30 minutes
        • Natural Looking - Designed to accentuate your features
        • Temporary Effects - Lasts 6-12 months
        • Little To No Downtime - Return to regular routine quickly
        • Safe, Reliable - Performed by licensed, skilled doctors
        • Versatile - Many products and techniques available
        • Long Lasting Option - Maintain with regular touch-ups.

        Risks and Side Effects of Fillers

        Potential risks include:

        • Swelling, Bruising - Common side effects
        • Asymmetry - Uneven appearance, usually temporary
        • Overfilled Appearance - Easily corrected by dissolving filler
        • Numbness - Temporary loss of sensation, wears off over days/weeks
        • Lumps/Bumps - Smooth out over time as filler settles
        • Allergic Reaction - Redness, swelling, tenderness. Extremely rare with today's products.

        Your doctor will review all risks and how to prevent them during your consultation.

        Are You a Candidate for Lip Enhancement?

        Good candidates for a lip lift in Vancouver are those in good overall health. Individuals unhappy with thin lips due to genetics or aging and those seeking improvement in lip symmetry are welcome. The vermillion border (lip line) and Cupid's bow (Russian lips/Butterfly lips) can also be accentuated with a dermal filler.

        How to Prepare for Your Lip Filler Treatment

        Before your lip filler appointment, you'll have a consultation with a medical technician at Skin Matters. During this session, they will thoroughly examine your skin, inquire about your aesthetic goals, and discuss the specific areas you wish to enhance. The medical technician needs to understand your medical history and current medications, as certain drugs can heighten the risk of complications with dermal fillers. When you arrive for your treatment, you'll be asked to clean your skin using one of the clinic's medical-grade, gentle cleansers to ensure a safe and effective application of the fillers. This preparatory step is crucial for achieving the best possible results and minimizing risks.

        Aftercare & Recovery for Lip Filler Treatments

        After receiving your lip filler injections, the team at Skin Matters will cleanse your skin and provide you with an ice pack to minimize swelling and discomfort. It's common to experience some swelling and bruising at the injection sites, but these side effects typically subside within a few days. Sleeping with your head elevated using pillows is recommended to facilitate recovery, as this supports blood flow and reduces swelling. Additionally, staying well-hydrated is crucial for optimal healing and skin health. Remember, every individual's response to dermal fillers can vary, so follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner.

        Lip Filler FAQs

        Can you see the results from lip fillers after one session?

        Yes, lip enhancement in Vancouver offers instant results. You'll notice increased volume and smoothness right away. Final results appear gradually over the next 1-2 weeks as the swelling goes down and filler integrates into the tissue.

        How much lip filler do you need?

        The amount of dermal filler needed depends on your goals and anatomical needs. Often, 1-2 syringes treat most patients effectively. The average cost per syringe is $500-800. Assess your needs and budget with a cosmetic doctor during your consultation.

        How long does a lip filler treatment take?

        Most appointments take less than 30 minutes from start to finish. The actual injection process takes only 15-20 minutes. Allow extra time if you are combining lip augmentation with other treatments.

        Does lip filler hurt?

        A variable called "the pain experience" differs for each patient. In general, discomfort is minimal. Your doctor will numb the area thoroughly first. Modern dermal fillers also contain lidocaine for maximum comfort. Patients describe the sensation as a pinch, sting, or momentary dull ache.

        How long does swelling last after lip injections?

        Swelling peaks at 24-48 hours, then gradually subside over 3-5 days. Stay consistent with icing to help reduce excess swelling. Most patients feel comfortable enough to return to normal routines the next day while further swelling continues to diminish.

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