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        Looking for an acne treatment clinic in Vancouver? Visit the acne experts Skin Matters to treat your acne safely and effectively.

        What is Acne?

        Acne is one of the most common skin conditions out there, occurring due to hormonal changes, stress, and hair follicles under the skin becoming clogged. Oil from your skin, which keeps it from drying out, and dead skin cells plug the pores, leading to pimples or zits.

        What Treatments are Available for Acne?

        LED Light Therapy
        LED Red light therapy is an application of specific light wavelengths used for therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. Red Light Therapy helps to regenerate skin cells, restore cell function, and promotes good blood flow for faster healing. 
        Chemical Peels - BetaClear
        A chemical peel is a quick, safe, and non-invasive way to maintain smooth, even skin with refined pores. Betaclear is an innovative chemical peel treatment that can brighten the complexion, treat acne, and rejuvenate the skin.
        DP4 Dermapen Microneedling
        Microneedling is used to treat a variety of skin conditions that cause depressions in the skin such as acne scarring, surgical scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and can even improve stretch marks. The added serum skin booster for acne is delivered directly into the skin via the microneedling channels for optimal absorption into the skin. 

        Why Choose Skin Matters for Acne?

        With a combined experience of 55+ years in medical aesthetics, the Skin Matters team of doctors and medical professionals make sure to provide you with effective, rejuvenated results in a relaxing spa setting. We will cater your acne and acne scar treatment to your individual needs and enhance your natural beauty on your terms.

        Vancouver’s Acne Experts

        With decades of experience and talent in medical aesthetics, including acne fighting, the team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals at Skin Matters are second to none. Dr. Charles Cheng founded Skin Matters nearly 30 years ago with extensive experience in acne treatments, investing in the latest technologies that can provide patients with the best results. To learn more about Dr. Cheng and his colleagues, Dr. Kim Liew and Dr. Collin Yong, click here.  

        What Causes Acne?

        The natural cause of acne is clogged hair follicles or pores due to built-up sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells. However, their are interior and exterior factors that can also cause acne or make it worse, including:

        • Air Pollution. A clogged, grey sky means clogged pores! When you can’t expose your skin to fresh, toxin-free air, it picks up all of the free radicals outside and brings them inside in the form of acne.

        • Your Skincare Routine. If you use fragrance-heavy or oily moisturizers, cleansers, and exfoliants, you may be hurting your skin more than helping it. Try options for sensitive skin or ask for skincare advice from the Skin Matters team!

        • Stress. Stress at work, school, or home increases the hormone called cortisol, which makes the skin more sensitive and reactive. High cortisol levels can equate to the glands on your skin creating more sebum (the natural oil in your skin which can cause acne in excess amounts).

        • Side Effects of Medication. Many medications, such as antidepressants or birth control, can cause acne as they affect your hormones. Breakouts and skin infections could also be a side effect of your prescription, so check in with your doctor if you are experiencing this.

        • Picking At Your Skin. When you scratch at your acne, you are introducing new bacteria into an already sensitive area. When you have acne, the best thing to do is avoid picking at it or popping the pimples - only touch your face when you are washing it.

        • Diet. For many people, consuming large amounts of dairy or oil can cause acne, as gut health is often related to your overall health. This will usually just cause a small zit or breakout, but if you have a severe acne reaction, you may be allergic to certain foods.

        • Hormones. As mentioned, when your hormones are fluctuating and changing, so is your skin. You’ll notice acne during puberty, menopause, pregnancy, and during stressful periods of your life.

        Types of Acne

        Fungal Acne

        Fungal acne occurs when yeast builds up in your pores, causing your skin to be itchy and red.

        Cystic Acne

        Cystic acne shows itself as deep, pus-filled pimples that can cause scars. 

        Hormonal Acne

        Hormonal acne affects adults who have an overproduction of sebum on their skin which clogs their pores and hair follicles.

        Nodular Acne

        Nodular acne causes pimples to form on the surface of your skin and nodular lumps under your skin. It is the most severe form of acne and will require the deepest type of treatment.

        Treatment Options for Acne?

        Skin Matters offers various treatment options for acne and acne scars that provide clear skin and lasting results. These treatment options include Betaclear, LED light therapy, IPL therapy, and chemical peels, all ranging in different levels of depth to cater to your needs.

        Acne FAQs

        Are acne treatments painful?

        Many patients report little to no pain during and after their acne treatment at Skin Matters, whether it be a Peel or LED light therapy. You may experience some itchiness and redness, but this will clear on its own.  

        How long does it take to see results from an acne procedure?

        This depends - you could see results in one week or in one month. The amount of time it takes to see results from your acne procedure depends on the treatment type you receive, the severity of your concerns, and any shedding or redness you may have to go through before your full results appear.

        How much does an acne treatment cost?

        The cost of Skin Matters acne treatments depends entirely on your chosen treatment, so it is best to book a consultation to learn more about the procedures we offer and how much they will cost. 

        How many acne treatments do I need?

        For Betaclear, you may require 6-10 topical applications, scheduled once per week until the treatment ends for optimal results. With LED Light Therapy, you may require a treatment each week for a month, followed by maintenance treatments every few months. When it comes to Chemical Peels, it depends on the depth of the peel you receive. 

        How long does an acne treatment last?

        The BetaClear plus LED Red Light Therapy treatment ranges from 15 - 45 minutes depending on the severity of the skin condition. Along with your acne treatment and aftercare instructions, the Skin Matters team will provide you with a detailed treatment plan to ensure you get the right amount of sessions for the severity of your acne concerns. You will also receive skincare routine product advice to ensure your treatments see the best results and are long-lasting.

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