Exilis ULTRA 360™ in Vancouver

        This skin laxity treatment uses ultrasound and radio frequency heating technology for facial & full body contouring

        What is Exilis?

        Exilis ULTRA 360 is a completely non-invasive face & body contouring procedure. This treatment is conducted using ultrasound and radio frequency heating technology to stimulate collagen formation and improve the overall texture of the skin.

        How does Exilis™ Work?

        Exilis uses both ultrasound and radio-frequency heating technology to promote collagen and tighten the skin, resulting in improved appearance of wrinkles, loss of elastin (sagging), the appearance of cellulite, and unwanted areas of fat.

        It is suitable for men and women, all ages and skin types, and any area of the body. 

        What does Exilis™ Treat?

        Body Contouring      Facial Contouring

        Skin Tightening     

        How Can I Learn More?

        To learn more about Exilis, please schedule a short consultation with our friendly staff at Skin Matters.

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        Exilis at a Glance:


        Procedure Length
        30 minutes - 45 minutes
        Recovery Time
        Recommend once a year for maintenance, 4 sessions as a complete package
        Radiofrequency and Ultrasound Technology
        Pain Level
        6 months

        Interested in Learning More?

        Please schedule a short consultation to find out if Exilis is right for you. We are standing by and ready to help you look and feel your best!