excel® V+ Laser Treatment in Vancouver

        Unveil flawless skin with an excel® V+ laser treatment in Vancouver. It is the ultimate solution for diverse skin concerns, powered by cutting-edge technology with design input from top dermatologists.

        What Is excel® V+?

        excel® V+ is a versatile laser treatment platform that harnesses two clinically proven wavelengths to address various skin concerns, from vascular conditions like rosacea and broken capillaries/dilated blood vessels (spider veins) to pigmentary issues such as age spots, sun spots, and acne scars.

        Engineered with insights from leading dermatologists, it combines power, precision, and performance to offer safe and effective solutions for both complex and common skin conditions. The system's three handpieces, including the Genesis V™ and CoolView™, provide customizable and comfortable treatment options, ensuring targeted and optimal results for various skin types and concerns.

        How Does excel® V+ Laser Treatment Work?

        The excel® V+ laser treatment targets skin concerns without harming the surrounding tissue. The laser emits energy at specific wavelengths absorbed by pigmented lesions or blood vessels in vascular conditions. 

        The process converts the absorbed laser energy into heat, causing the targeted cells or structures to break down or collapse. The body's natural healing processes then take over, healing the treated tissue while stimulating collagen production and skin regeneration. 

        excel® V+ laser treatment can be customized for different skin types and conditions, using various handpieces and adjustable settings to treat multiple conditions in one session.

        Which Areas Can Be Treated With an excel® V+ Laser?

        The excel® V+ treatment is suitable for different skin types, conditions, and treatment areas. According to CUTERA®, this includes: 

        • rosacea
        • diffuse redness
        • facial veins
        • leg veins
        • periorbital veins
        • angiomas
        • port wine stains
        • poikiloderma
        • wrinkles
        • venous malformations
        • bruising
        • inflammatory acne
        • benign pigmented lesions
        • age spots
        • small-area hair removal
        • scars
        • acne scars
        How Much Does excel® V+ Cost?

        The cost of your excel® V+ treatment in Vancouver varies, depending on the size of the area treated and the amount of treatments needed. Please contact Skin Matters about the cost of your customized treatment plan.

        How Long Does It Take to Recover from an excel® V+ Laser Treatment?

        Recovery after an excel® V+ laser treatment is minimal. You may experience redness and swelling, which should resolve quickly, making it the perfect "lunchtime" treatment.

        How Long Do excel® V+ Results Last?

        The results of an excel® V+ laser treatment depend on the number of treatments needed for your specific concern. After your initial treatment sessions, annual maintenance treatments may be required for optimal upkeep.

        excel® V+ Laser Treatment at a Glance:

        Procedure Length
        Depends on the area being treated. Most treatments take less than one hour
        Recovery Time
        Long-lasting with potential for maintenance treatments
        None required
        Benefits continue to accumulate for 2-4 months

        Why Choose Skin Matters for excel® V+?

        Choose Skin Matters for exceptional medical aesthetic care in Vancouver. Our treatments are guided by the highest ethical standards, offering personalized advice and solutions tailored to each patient. With a dedicated team of Medical Doctors and specialists, we ensure precision, expertise, and a supportive journey to achieve your best skin.

        Vancouver’s excel® V+ Experts

        Dr. Charles Cheng, Dr. Kim Liew, M.D., and Dr. Collin Yong, M.D. have extensive experience in medical aesthetics. As thought leaders in their respective fields, you know the utmost care and knowledge goes into all treatments offered at Skin Matters.

        How Is excel® V+ Laser Treatment at Skin Matters Performed?

        Depending on your specific skin issue, our skilled practitioners select the most suitable excel® V+ handpiece:

        • Genesis V™: Delivers micro-pulsed 532 nm wavelength, ideal for fine lines, wrinkles, and diffused redness, enhancing overall skin quality.
        • CoolView™: Allows customization of spot size and wavelength, perfect for a broad range of vascular and pigmented lesions, offering tailored precision.
        • Dermastat: A pencil-like handpiece designed for pinpoint accuracy in treating small, targeted areas with vascular and pigmented concerns.

        With the chosen handpiece, controlled laser pulses are applied to the target area. The skin absorbs these pulses, treating the concern with minimal impact on surrounding tissue. 

        The treatment is designed to be comfortable, with built-in cooling features in the handpieces to soothe the skin. Our team at Skin Matters will provide comprehensive aftercare instructions.

        Treatment Benefits of excel® V+

        The excel® V+ treatment offers numerous potential benefits for individuals seeking improved skin health and appearance, including:

        • Improved Skin Texture: Enhances the smoothness and suppleness of the skin, reducing roughness and irregularities.
        • Reduced Appearance of Lesions: Effectively diminishes various lesions, including vascular conditions (like rosacea and spider veins) and pigmented spots (such as age spots and sun damage).
        • Overall Skin Rejuvenation: Promotes a more youthful and revitalized skin appearance, addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.
        • Minimized Redness: Specifically targets and reduces facial and other body area redness, providing a clearer, more even complexion.
        • Reduced Acne Scars: Helps soften and improve the appearance of acne scars, contributing to a smoother skin texture.
        • Customizable Treatments: Offers tailored treatments to meet individual skin types and concerns, ensuring optimal results.
        • Safe and Effective: Designed with input from leading dermatologists, providing a reliable and effective solution for a wide range of skin conditions.

        Treatment Risks of excel® V+

        Like all treatments, there is some risk of side effects; however, in the care of an expert team like Skin Matters, you negate the risk. Some side effects of excel® V+ treatment include: 

        • Redness
        • Swelling
        • Bruising
        • Scabbing
        • Itching
        • Skin Discolouration.

        How to Prepare for an excel® V+ Treatment

        To prepare for an excel® V+ treatment, avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least two weeks prior, and adjust your skincare routine by pausing products like retinoids and exfoliating acids. During your initial consultation, please inform us of all medications and supplements, especially those that might affect your skin's sensitivity or healing process. 

        Arrive at your appointment with clean, makeup-free skin, wearing comfortable clothing for easy access to the treatment area. Staying well-hydrated, refraining from smoking, and managing expectations about the treatment's outcomes are also key steps to ensure you're fully prepared and can achieve the best results with your excel® V+ session.

        excel® V+ Aftercare

        After undergoing an excel® V+ treatment, proper aftercare is crucial to maximize the benefits and minimize any potential side effects. Here's what you should do post-treatment:

        • Sun Protection: Protect the treated area from sun exposure by applying a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. Wear protective clothing and seek shade when possible, as treated skin is more susceptible to sunburn.
        • Gentle Skincare: Use gentle, non-irritating skincare products. Avoid exfoliating agents, retinoids, and any products containing alcohol until your skin has fully healed. Try not to pick at your skin! 
        • Moisturize: Keep the skin hydrated by applying a fragrance-free, gentle moisturizer to aid the healing process.
        • Avoid Heat: Skip hot baths, saunas, and excessive exercise for a few days post-treatment to prevent irritation and swelling.
        • Makeup: We suggest you wait at least 24 hours before applying heavy makeup to the area. This allows the skin to breathe and heal.
        • Follow-up: Attend any scheduled follow-up appointments with your practitioner to monitor your healing process and discuss further treatments if needed.

        excel® V+ Recovery Timeline

        Recovery from excel® V+ treatments can vary based on the individual and the specific concerns treated. Here's a general timeline of what you can expect:

        • Immediate to 24 Hours: Mild redness and swelling are common immediately after the treatment and typically subside within a few hours to a day.
        • 1-3 Days Post-Treatment:  Effects might linger slightly longer for more intensive treatments. The skin may feel sensitive, akin to a sunburn.
        • Within the First Week: Noticeable side effects should significantly diminish. You may see improvements in the treated areas as the skin begins to heal.
        • 1-2 Weeks: Full healing from the treatment is often achieved, with most patients able to resume their regular skincare and makeup routines. The treated areas will continue to fade, and the overall skin texture will improve.
        • Follow-up Treatments: Additional sessions may be booked for optimal results depending on the condition treated and your skin's response.

        Are You a Candidate for excel® V+?

        Feeling self-conscious about visible veins, age spots, or uneven skin texture? excel® V+ might be your solution. This advanced treatment is designed for those seeking to address a wide range of skin concerns safely and effectively, offering a path to rejuvenated, clearer skin. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

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